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Paid DLC vs Free Events w/ Wally (PD Podcast #48)


We got to hear from Urk, who elaborated word-by-word on a teasing tweet about the Live Team’s plans. We invite you to go read it in its entirety, but we’ll sum up the positives here.

  1. DLC will not just be in the form of timed events for all of Y2.

While not explicitly saying this, Urk all but confirmed it by posing the concern as a rhetorical question that he then rebutted.

  1. There will be a smaller event soon, on the size of Festival of the Lost

This will be the next installment from the Live Team in “early 2016”. If you liked the Festival of the Lost as a little excursion away from the meat of Destiny’s experience, then it’s probably a safe bet that this next event will appeal to you, too.

  1. The next will be “far larger” than anything we’ve seen since TTK released.

That’s right. It’ll be much bigger than SRL, Festival of the Lost, and whatever upcoming event arrives first. It’s hardly specific, but it’s good news to anyone who feared the binary choice of ambitious and unpolished DLC packs or light-hearted, meaningless fluff like Festival of the Lost.

  1. We’ll get a sandbox and “world” update about the same time

The sandbox team is responsible for balances. If you were worried we’d have to wait 6 months before the next balance path “World” is a little less clear, but definitely exciting. Does Urk mean a new location? Encounters like prowling Wolves or Hive rituals? No doubt we’ll learn more when Bungie is ready to reveal it.

  1. Everything above will occur in either the Winter or Spring of 2016

Straight from the man himself. Whether this means February and May or January and March is anyone’s guess. You can hold Bungie to this one.



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